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17, Rue du Tunnel – CH 1227 Carouge Ginevra – Switzerland


The European Association of Safety Certification is composed by finished produst certification companies and organizations, located in Europe.

EASC purpose is safe consumer during purchasing products and services.

Products, to be sold on european market , must be on according to 2001/95 CE law.

Then, the activity ok EASC is directed to:
-consumers safety
-increasing the value of safe products

EASC is a really important european organization focusing about safety and certification, and it is bearig out the activity to the EU.

EASC is divided into two branches:
ORIGINAL BRANDS ORIGINAL BRANDS: that controls the real products origin and the genuine brand and ensures the provenance tothe consumers, by traceability of each product.
CSE CSE : (Hygienic and Sanity Certification) that guarantees the healthy and safety of european manufacturers products and importers of extraeuropean products.

EASC head Office: 17, rue du Tunnel - CH 1227 Carouge Ginevra Switzerland